Lepidstadt Magic Items

Magic items available in Lepidstadt


  • +1 Long Sword- 2000 gp
  • Adamantine Dagger- 3000 gp
  • +1 Flail- 2000 gp


  • +1 Heavy Steel Shield- 1000 gp
  • +1 Studded Leather Armor- 1000gp
  • +5 Tower Shield of Moderate Fortification (50% change to turn critical hit to normal hit)- 64000gp

Rods & Staves

  • Greater rod of Enlarge Metamagic (cast three spells a day as if with enlarge metamagic feat)- 24,500 gp
  • Staff Earth and Stone (Move earth (1 charge) Passwall (1 charge))- 85,800 gp
  • Woodlands staff (Charm animal (1 charge) Speak with animals (1 charge) Barkskin (2 charges) Summon nature’s ally VI (3 charges) Wall of thorns (3 charges) Animate plants (4 charges))- 100,400 gp
  • Transmutation staff ((Alter self (1 charge), Blink (1 charge), Expeditious retreat (1 charge), Baleful polymorph (2 charges), Polymorph (2 charges),Disintegrate (3 charges))- 82,000 gp


  • 1st lvl Scroll of Unseen Servent 25 gp
  • 1st lvl Scroll of Protection from Law 50 gp
  • 2nd lvl Scroll of Detect Thoughts 150 gp
  • 2nd lvl Scroll of Arrow of Law 250gp
  • 4th lvl Scroll of Phantom Steed, Communal up to 1HD- 800 gp
  • 3rd lvl Scroll of Lightning Bolt- 375 gp
  • 3rd lvl Scroll of Resist Energy, Communal- 375gp
  • 5th lvl Scroll of Wall of Fire- 1,125gp


  • Wand of Magic Missile (1st Level) (38 of 50 charges)- 570 gp


  • 2nd level Potion of Delay Poison- 300 gp

Wonderous Items

  • Ioun stone, pale lavender ellipsoid (Absorbs 20 spells, that can be used to recall spells already cast)- 20,000gp
  • Bottle of Air (Neverending bottle of air for breathing or whatever)- 7,250gp
  • Tome of Clear Thought +1 (plus one inherent bonus to intelligence after reading for a week)-27500gp
  • Flame Extinguishing Rod- 15000gp
  • Manual of Gainful exercise +2 (Read for +2 inherent strength bonus)- 55000gp
  • Pearl of Power, 7th lvl (recall one 7th lvl or lower spell a day)- 49000gp
  • Headband of Mental Prowess 4 (4 to two mental ability scores)- 40000gp
  • Invisibility Ring (become invisible)- 20000gp
  • Golem Manual, Iron (+5 bonus to craft golem checks)- 35000gp
  • Silver Horn of Valhalla (summons barbarians to fight by your side)- 50000gp

Lepidstadt Magic Items

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