The Purple Wizards


Clearing the first level of Harrowstone...

Day 5 continued…

We find the gargoyle that killed the professor (we think). We enter the foyer of the prison and use the spirit board to contact the ghosts. Orchid (fails save) gets possessed and become an asshole. We pour out a 40 of holy water to banish the trickster spirits.

Gujarek is able to pick the lock of the metal door. Inside is the prisoner’s property room. In addition to the moldy remains of the prisoner’s belongings, we find a secret door which leads to an inner chamber with more valuable items (see treasure list).

In addition to the treasure items, we find 5 little chests with names attached to them. The chests correspond to the 5 super bad prisoners…

  • Splatterman – moldy spell book – Violet opens the book and sees blood red ‘V’, ‘I’, ‘O’ on the pages.
  • The Piper – masterwork flute
  • Father Charlatan – tangled mess of holy symbols on chains
  • The Lopper – hand axe (+1) covered in still wet blood
  • Mosswater Marauder – a very large smithing or light hammer (+1)

The Temple of Pharasma
We take the five boxes to Father Grimburrow who can see that they are evil and says that he can keep them safe in the locked church vault. We call for Jorfa and Alendru to get their opinions on the items and to get them in the same room. Jorfa says that the hammer is amazing! Alandru says that there is a spirit linked with each of these items which creates a duality. The items are dangerous (the spirits want to gain access to them) but they can be used to hurt the spirits.

Back at the Harrowstone
We step into the prisoner branding room and get attacked by hot brands and the fire pit. We complete an exorcism ritual in which we heal the fire pit to soothe the burn and place a small Pharasma symbol into the ghost fire. It seems to work! The fire goes out and the room becomes quiet and peaceful. We find a list of prisoners and their prison numbers, and take it with us.

In the Sewing Workshop
We find the workshop where Content Not Found: Visorianna_ was killed. We assume she is evil and attack her though the door, but she possesses Orchid through the Spirit Board and tells us that she is actually the only thing stopping the prisoners spirits from breaking free of the prison! She saw a group of cultists come to the prison two weeks ago. They took the spirit of Levar Hawkren away, prepared a ritual, and killed the professor!!! The head Evil Wizard had a staff with a black gagged skull handle, which we know is the symbol of the Whispering Way cult. _Content Not Found: Vesorianna told us that an evil spirit is present at the prison and will eventually release the prisoners. She needs us to defeat the five evil prisoners to stop them before they escape. In addition, she needs a token from her husbands body to bind all the spirts in the prison.

We move on the the Washroom and fight an animated straight jacket. In the prison entry/holding room, Violet gets bound by magic manacles. We use holy water covered bolt cutters to break the chains in the room and release any prisoner spirits. We find and kill four crab spiders that were living in the prison chapel. We find some treasure ! We look in the closets but find nothing of interest.

We head back to town for the night. Gujarek and Violet go sleep at the Warden Hawkren’s statue to see if they can catch the vandal.



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