The Purple Wizards

Does 'I' or 'E' come after 'V'?

More about haunts...

Day 5 in Ravengro – 22nd of Calistril

Orchid wakes in The Mystery Circus to a disturbance in the town’s square. The prison monument has been covered in blood once again. Orchid and Gujarek head down to see it covered in more blood than there was before … in addition, there is either an ‘I’ or an ‘E’ as part of the blood. The blood is not human; it appears to be from a larger creature.

We think of things to ask the ghosts using the Spirit Board…
1. What is your name?
2. How did you die?
3. How do we lay your spirit to rest?
4. Where do your physical remains lay?

Father Grimbarrow did not know about the ghosts at the prison. To help our quest, he gives us a small bottle of holy water and offers free healing in the future.

We talk with the Father further about his knowledge of Haunts. He says the “opposites” release spirits. It may be helpful to ask ourselves what the ghosts may need in order to find peace. Some religious element is also required.
Examples include:

  • a ghost killed by cold can be removed by burning a Pharasma symbol near the haunt.
  • a ghostly witch’s hand was destroyed when bound by blessed manacles.
  • A ghostly goblet was freed from it’s Pharasma abbey prison when a monk drank from the goblet while the holy abbey bells rang.



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