Harrowstone Prison

Harrowstone prison builtin 4594 was the main economic force for the town of Ravengro and the main reason the town exist today. It was built to house the worst criminals in the region for the right price, and did so successfully for 67 years. in 4661 the prison become home to 5 of the worst criminals it had ever seen. The Five Prisoners were Father Charlatan, The Lopper, The Mosswater Marauder, The Piper of Illmarsh, and The Splatter Man who were sent to stay in the prison while awaiting their inevitable executions

Shortly after their arrival the prisoners rioted and a fire was started killing hundreds of prisoners and guards alike. After the prisoners began rioting Warden Lyvar Hawkran and 23 guards descended into the dungeon below the main building to stop the violence. When it became clear that the prisoners were going to escape the Warden triggered a deadfall to trap the prisoners, the guards and himself in the dungeon. The guards who remained above also used oil on the chains that connected the lift in the dungeon to the prison above to prevent escape. In a panic the also started a fire to prevent the escape. The fire grew fueled by the oil and consumed most of the prison.

The next day it was discovered that the fire had killed all the prisoners, Hawkran and his guards. Most tragically of all the fire also claimed the life of Vesorianna Hawkran, the warden’s wife. She was found locked in the opposite end of the prison in a workshop on the first floor. It seems that the she arrived at the prison and attempted to save her husband and the guards locked her up to keep her out of the way. In the following chaos no one let her free and she died as the fire spread through the grounds.

Info on the prison layout here

Harrowstone Prison

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