The Purple Wizards

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Character Creation

Enter our heroes…

The Purple Wizards Meet
You Seem a Trustworthy Fellow

Game Date: 17th of Calistril, 4711

Four adventurers, each with a strange connection to Professor Lorrimor and the color purple, arrived in Ravengro for the funeral of the professor at the behest of his daughter Kendra Lorrimor.

The Burial
An altercation with a mob in the cemetery made it clear that Professor Lorrimor was not universally liked by the towns folk. Mr. Gibbs, the leader of the angry mob, told us “we wont have a necromancer buried in the town graveyard.” Luckily, Orchid was able to convince Gibbs to stand down and leave before physical violence became necessary. Father Grimburrow completed the funeral and burial.

The Reading of the Will
The purple wizards are asked to complete two tasks by Lorrimor in his will.

  1. Stay in Town of one month and help Kendra
  2. Afterwards, carry chest of tomes to Lepidstadt University. We will receive 1000p each from the university once we deliver the chest.
    We received a harrow deck as written in the will (hero point deck). We found a journal in the chest with “read me now” scratched into the leather. We were told that the Professor was crushed by a gargoyle at “The Harrowstone”

Game Date: 18th of Calistril, 4711 (Day 1 of month in town)

Town Tour
Kendra showed us important places around town

  • Posting Boards – News and odd jobs
  • Iron Purse – Sketchy money lenders
  • Blacksmith – Run by dwarf who makes nice armor and weapons
  • General Store
  • Town Hall
  • Inn
  • Bar
  • The unfurled scroll – Magic school
  • Temple of Ferrasma
  • The Laughing Demon
    We also saw Ol’ River the town square dog

Research in the Temple
We decided to visit the temple and talk with father Grimburrow
Orchid and Violet started research in the Temple Library and found information on:

The Wardens Statue
Gujarek and Tourmaline visited the wardens statue that had been vandalized the previous night. The statue is smeared with a giant bloody V. There is more blood then could have come from a single human! One the base of the statue are the names of the 25 guards that perished in the fire, in addition to Warden Levar Hochren and his wife Vesorianna Hochren

Flavershums Basement
Gujarek and Tourmaline check out a posting pole post from Ms Flavershum. She has ghost chickens in her basement. We release them from the basement by leading them away with corn.

After that busy day, we ate dinner at the Laughing Demon and went back to bed at Kendra’s

In Game Date: 19th Calistril (Day 2 of month in town)

Research in the Temple
Violet found information on

Searching the Cemetery
We went to look for the false crypt in the cemetery. We find it but decided to come back later because everyone knows you grave rob at night.

Flavershums Basement
Ms. Flavershums basement was home to some evil possessed manacles that attacked Gujarek and Violet. They found some bolt cutters and used them to coop-de-gras the manacles. They borrowed the bolt cutters for grave robbing.

Dinner at the Laughing Demon
We had wolf balls and demon hearts for dinner. We then had to fight two giant mosquitoes that were summoned accidentally by two musicians playing an anvil and a weird flute. (very Illlmarsh like)

Evening Grave Robbing
We snuck into the false crypt and found a sarcophagus and two giant centipedes. We killed the centipedes and opened the sarcophagus which was filled with loot, that we divided up.

The Heroism of Ol' River
Snowstorms cant stop Adventure

In Game Date: 19th of Calistril (Day 2 of month in town)

As we left the false crypt Orchid and Violet noticed muddy footsteps leaving the cemetery towards the town square.

The Town Square
As we came up to the town square we see three zombies in the shadows. Ol’ River, fearless and majestic, attacked one zombie while we fought the others. Three more zombies attacked but we were able to re-kill them. One of the zombies looked uncomfortably like Professor Lorrimer. We called for the gorgeous Sheriff Benjan Caeller who was thankful for our protection of the town, and got his deputies to look around for more trouble. Father Grimburrow showed up to help and confirmed that the headless zombie was Lorrimer.

We went to the inn for a post-zombie killin’ drink and then back to Kendra’s to sleep. We told Kendra about her zombified father and about what we found in the false crypt

In Game Date: 20th Calistril (Day 3 of month in town)

The Purple Wizards walked into town after breakfast, to check with the ravishing Sheriff Benjan who informed them that only 6 graves were found empty in the cemetery. Hearing that no more zombies were likely ambling around the town, the group decided to complete research in the morning and travel to the prison in the afternoon.

Research at the Temple
We found the background on both The Mosswater Marauder and The Splatter Man

The Grounds of the Harrowstone
We traveled up to Harrowstone Prison. We walked around the prison and found a guard tower covered in a horde of vermin. We skirted the tower and went up to explore a house that we assumed belonged to Warden Hawkran and his wife. The house was moldy and broken and had been looted years ago. We found no treasure but we did find two “nick pics” one of Lyvar Hawkran and one of Vesorianna Hawkran

The foundation of the jail was cleared of mosses and Lyvar Hawkran’s name was written in blood over the area in different handwritings. Violet recognized that the names were part of a necromantic ritual, but did not know any more about how there were used.

Around the back of the building we found another large guard tower and a cesspool that drained into a sarlac pit that connected into the lower levels of the prison.

Spirit Board Practice

Deciding that it would be best to practice with the spirit board before their lives are on the line, the Purple Wizards decide to visit the nearest haunting they know, the hellmouth that is the basement of Mrs. Flaversham. Gujarek is the first to place her feet on the stair case and step into the blackness. As she does, flames begin to erupt from candles mounted to the stone walls. The adventurers look at each other confused; the looks confirming that no one remembers the candles from previous visits. The cellar is otherwise empty with the exception of an elaborate round rug in the center of the floor. The team gets to work laying out the spirit board…

Orchid explains that how the board works. The board itself is merely a tableau with the Varisian alphabet and three additional symbols indicating Yes, No, and Unknown. The power itself resides in the Spirit Planchette, the small brass triangle covered in antediluvian symbols. Orchid explains that this is a simple planchette but that extraordinarily intricate and more powerful planchettes can also be found.

Orchid instructs the team to place their fingers on the device and asks for a volunteer to offer their will to the spirit in exchange for answers. Gujarek, bravely offers herself and feels as though her fingers are bound to the brass. Orchid explains with each offering the spirit will answer one question with a single word, but that after the spirit world has tasted the adventurer’s will it can not accept again for some time. Furthermore if the adventurer is not willful enough they risk opening a door for the spirit to our world.

Orchid asks the darkness, “Is there a spirit present that would like to be put to rest?” The planchette slides to the Yes symbol and Gujarek shudders, pales, and quickly pulls her hands away.

Violet offers her spirit next and Orchid continues, “What do you seek?” The candles flare and the planchet slowly spells out “C..o..r..n…” Violet pulls away having expended her will .

Tourmaline realizes its her turn and hesitantly binds her will to the planchette. “How many more of you are there?” continues Orchid but something goes wrong and Tourmaline flies away from the planchette and begins to seize. After a few moments she gets off the floor her irises have gone white. She slowly begins to move neck forward and back as she struts around the basement letting out a baleful “ba…gawk!”

Violet get up and exclaims, “You got to be kidding me.” With the flick of her sword she banishes the chicken spirit with a ray of holy light. Orchid begins to pack up the board and mutters, “Good thing we did a dry run…"

Lorrimor's Forbidden Tomes

The chest contained four books which Violet had spread out before her. Before opening any of them, Violet attempted to sense auras emanating from them and found them to be non-magical although the books could hardly be described as mundane.

There were three books intended for Montagnie Crowl in Lepidstadt. The first book she picked up had a cover darker than any ink or dye she had seen before. She opened the cover to find a grisly engraving of a corpse punctured by chains throughout its entiretly. On the title page she found printed in common The Umbral Leaves. She recognized it as the unholy bible to the god Zon-Kuthon and moved on

The second book was called Serving Your Hunger. This tome she did not immediately recognize but the margins were covered in notes from professor Lorrimor. Skimming the notes she saw many references to the goddess Urgathoa, as well as canabalism, vampires, and all manner of undead.

The third book was entitled On Verifed Madness as she thumbed through the pages she stopped at a painting depicting a formless mass of mouths and eyes.

“Aah, a gibbering mouther.” exclaimed Tourmaline over violets shoulder. Violet jumped up and pooped herself a little. “One of the many aberrations, I encounted up north many years ago. One of the main reasons I have a particular hate of aberrations now.”

The two women puzzled over the fourth book, intended for Embreth Daramid it was a deep purple that matched Tourmaline’s pajamas. The book’s cover was dominated by a brass scarab with a solitary eye in the center. The scarab doubled as a lock to hide the books secrets. As they resigned to be unable to get in the book Kendra walked in the room.

“The Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye.” She said.

“The what?” asked Violet.

“It’s a secret society with an interest in politics and magic.”

“Is it real?” asked Violet.

“If I knew that, it wouldn’t be a secret society…”

The Town Hall Archives

When Orchid arrived at the town hall the many of the townsfolk were there including councilwoman Mirta Straelock.

“Here for the winter stew cook-off, Orchid?” she asked.

“No, actually I was hoping to access the town archives,” Orchid replied

“I was worried. I thought maybe you’d seen the winning recipe in your cards, but i guess the rest of us still have a chance. Normally the archives are restricted to the council members, but sense you have been doing such good work with your friends lately I can’t see the harm.”

After several hours of searching Orchid finds almost no mention of Vesorianna Hawkran. The town had plenty of praise for her husband but she seemed to go largely unnoticed. After she has given up and she is putting back documents from the Harrowstone Prison Fire a small notebook is knocked from her hand by an unseen force. As she bends to pick it up her harrow deck falls out of her pocket and lands with a single card face up, “The Liar.”

The book turns out to be a sheriffs notebook from the night of the Harrowstone fire. One of the surviving guards’ statement recounts how Vesorianna came to the prison from her house after the commotion of the riot began. After learning her husband had become trapped below she attempted to go down after him. The guards on the surface restrained her by locking her in a workshop in the first floor of the prison. There is no more mention of her in the rest of the guard’s account and the terrible truth dawns on Orchid. As the smoke a flame spread throughout the prison Vesorianna was locked away unable to run from the fire and died in that workshop.

Jorfa's Forge

Tourmaline was told by Kendra that the town forge was run by a dwarf women named Jorfa and could be found in the center of town. As she approaches enters the main town circle, she notices a sign that reads, Ravengro Forge, est. 4594. Tourmaline recalls that this was the year the town finished construction of the prison. She also notices the blacksmith working outside is a middle-aged dwarf. She thinks to herself, This smith may have very well have been around when the prison was being built!?

Tourmaline introduces herself, “Good morning ma’am. I am Tourmaline a friend of the Lorrimor family.”

“Aye,” she responds grinning. “I knew I’d be seeing you all soon enough. All adventurers need something fixed before too long. I must say most adventurers we see in Ravengro are treasure hunters and grave-robbers… mostly grave-robbers.. like the members of that damnable Pathfinder Society. It’s nice to see some that have shown respect for Ravengro and it’s people. Come inside”

Jorfa leads Tourmaline into the storefront. Tourmaline see that most of the walls are covered in pitchforks, hoes, and wood-cutting axes, (Ooo axes!) but that a small corner of the store has gear for the more intrepid patron. After a moment she realizes that the quality of Jorfa’s stock is far above what would be expected in a small agricultural community.

“See anything you like, or perhaps there is something you don’t see? I’m always up for new designs.” inquires the dwarf.

“I’m looking for something a bit… unique.” answers Tourmaline. Jorfa pauses for a moment, smirks, and pulls out two items wrapped in velvet.

The first is a rapier whose hilt was carved to resemble the front half of a narwhal. It’s intricate details completely envelope its wielder’s hand and its long spiraled horn forms the long pliable blade. (+1 rapier, 1920 gp)

The second item is a round shield of polished steel shield a packed with stylized dwarven runes so densely it’s dizzying the first time Tourmaline looks at it. (+1 light steel shield, 956 gp)

The Unfurled Scroll

Violet and Kendra headed towards The Unfurled Scroll, a school for affluent children that teaches math, writing, history, as well as beginning arcane theory. It also serves the magical needs for the town: scrolls, wands, and the occasion cantrip for hire. The school is headmastered by Alendru Ghoroven a retired adventurer turned teacher.

They find him outside school in the north of town despite the misty overcast weather. He is adjusting the posture of a boy in what appears to be a somatics lesson. All of a sudden a pitchfork in the grass spins through the air and sticks into the side of the schoolhouse.

“That is why we practice outside, Riari,” says the wizard patiently. He dismisses the boy when he notices the two women approaching up the road. “What can I do for you misses. Need a lesson or perhaps a magic item for your adventures in the prison,” he says looking at Violet.

“I see you know of my friend Violet,” responds Kendra.

“One learns many things from beyond the veil…” he says, “also, I drink at the Laughing Demon to hear the latest gossip.”

“We are actually here wondering if you could tell us about these books,” says Kendra. Violet hands him the books."

They follow him inside of a well maintained building. The inside is divided into a classroom, a library, an research area, and a makeshift storefront around a display case. He spreads the books out on his desk. He tries to open the purple book, can not, and says. “I do not recognize this one however these three…” He continues explaining the nature Lorrimor’s Books, but unfortunately he has nothing new to add to what Kendra already knew.

He continues, “If you are interested in adding to your collection on necromancy, I recently… stumbled across this volume.” He walks to the front a pulls a book out of the display case and pulls out a book whose cover resembles dead flesh and hands it to Violet. The contents are indecipherable until Kendra waves a hand over the pages and the letters reform in Varisian. Immediately the book’s abhorrent contents become clear. It is a manual explaining how to create a flesh golem. It seems to be in excellent condition except for a small university crest stamped inside the front cover accompanied by the initials “M.C.” (flesh golem manual 7600gp)

The Unfurled Scroll Part II

Violet continues with the wizard. “Can you also take a look at this?” She pulls a sticky piece of paper out of her pack and grabs a mirror of his desk. She holds the mirror up revealing the writing in its correct orientation.

“I see you have more than a passing interest in necromancy,” the wizards says surreptitiously.

“So you recognize them?”

“Yes, and I’m glad to hear that you don’t.” The wizard continued, “This writing is used to create necromantic cage, if you will. More specifically, a cage that contains the undead energies tuned to the specific individual whose name is used to create the runes. If this came from the prison it seems that someone believed the spirit of Warden Lyvar Hawkran is still around after so many years.Furthermore, it seems they wanted to try and capture his spirit.”


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