Elf Black Blade Magus


Violet grew up in the capital town of Vigil in Lastwall, the border nation to the Southwest of Ustalav. Raised by her father who sits on the command council and is a trusted advisor to the young Lord Uthan II, current Watcher Lord of Lastwall. Living in Castle Overwatch has afforded her the best tutors and she attended school at The War College that aims in the development of strategy, tactics and the art of battle. Students are trained in the use of sword and shield but also in more exotic skills from magic to siege warfare. Violet has always been surrounded by those that are masters of sword and admired their skill, but she never had the focus to dedicate all of her time to just sword training when there were so many other secrets to the universe to discover. She enjoys reading and researching arcane or planar lore above almost anything else. She believes in fact and logic supported by research and does not believe in things like fate and destiny (thus her mistrust of the Harrow). She is very close friends with Lord Uthan and teases him regularly about the line of suitors that is constantly forming outside the Castle Overwatch. He in turn constantly kids that “If only he could marry an elf” this whole choosing a wife thing would be over.

Violet knows little of her mother, only that she was an amazing warrior and gifted spellcrafter that died not long after she was born. Her father has shared that her Mother’s scimitar will be Violet’s when the “time is right”. She has never seen or held the actual weapon as it lays wrapped in a purple cloth in her Father’s chambers. She is extremely dedicated to learning all that she can about wielding her own scimitar and focusing her arcane skills through her weapon to prepare for that day.

Violet was chosen to take one of the monthly journeys into the hungry mountains to inspect the ruins of Gallowspire, where The Whispering Tyrant is imprisoned, to check on the seals of his prison. Most of her peers feel this to be a largely ceremonial patrol but Violet knows first hand from her father that the danger under the tower is real. It was on this journey that Violet met Professor Lorimor and his daughter Kendra while out on one of their adventures (though never did find the purpose of their being there) Kendra and Violet became fast friends and have stayed in close contact since. She also found the professor to be inspiring in his shared love of research and discovery and she would correspond regularly with him.


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