Tourmaline Sayhare

Changeling Barabrian Woodcutter


I was Found in old tree hallow in the shadow wood by my adoptive parents, who were laborers for the nobles who frequent the area. Father was a woodcutter, mother worked as a maid/cook/odd jobs for hunting lodges. Our home was secluded and I did not have a lot of knowledge about the outside world. At 13 I became interested in finding my brith parents. Over the next year I started hearing voices that urged me to travel north and find my mother. I was unsure of leaving ustalav so I went to a harrower to ask for guidance.

My reading told me that the voices spoke the truth and that I would gain knowledge from following them, however the harrower said that the knowledge was either madness or genius. The harrower also saw through to my unusual nature and introduced me to the professor.

The professor was highly interested me, for reasons unknown to me and interviewed me multiple time to learn about my past and the voices. He also introduced me to other areas in and around ustalav.

In this time I was shunned by many people I met who though I was a barbarian, and I wished to find people who would accept me. When I was 16 I did travel north to meet the barbarians that I believed I was related to. However they were wary of my uncanny looks and shunned me and called me a changing.

I went back to the professor with this info and remained friends with him for many years. I went back home and settled in as a wood cutter in the isolated woods.

My rage is centered in my inability to find my people, and because I am always hated. One red eye when raging.

Tourmaline Sayhare

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