Orchid Montana

Human Oracle Harrower


Original Character Harrow reading (role card is The Eclipse) for “I seek the Power of the Harrow deck.” The Demon Lantern was drawn to interpret the past. Misaligned, it could represent that I have already encountered the way to the Harrow’s Power. The Teamster in the present represents the other’s on my team. The question becomes, “Is it the Harrowing that drives the team or is the team driving me to the Harrow?” The Future is represented by Big Sky (badass!) in which I will strive to break free of my obsession with the Harrow and chain its Power to my will.

When Orchid was young, living in the wilderness around Ravengro her parents were killed in a border raid. She survived for months on my her before she was picked up by a caravan of Varisian nomads. Drawn immediately to the fortune telling cards, Orchid had the elders perform many readings on her – and eventually teach her the art involved. Numerous consistent readings have led Orchid to belief that she is destined for a specific purpose in life (see above). Orchid eventually settled in Ravengro as a local fortune-teller, waiting for her fate to reveal itself.

Professor Lorrimore was a regular customer of Orchid’s whenever he returned to the city after his many travels. He valued the insight of Orchid’s readings before heading out on each his latest adventures. Based on the variety and depth of her readings for the professor, she came to know him as more than as a client – she came to know him as a friend.

During the last reading she did for the Professor, she felt a deeper power come over her – making the reading less of a personal interpretation and more of a prophecy. The prophecy signified great change was to come to Ravengro. Loss and emptiness will come upon the land; the world will make no sense. Clarity, however, could come from unlikely places. “Those that we Fear the most shall be our Salvation.” Ever since this reading, Orchid has strived to prepare herself for the dangerous events to come…

Orchid Montana

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