Half-Orc Rogue Trapmaster


Obviously the product of an orc and human mating, Gujarek inherited her mother’s hair and eyes, but her father’s strength, agility and orcish good looks. She keeps her mother’s name, but tells no one! Her mother died when she was 5, and the only memento Gujarek had of her is a white sequined glove(human-sized). As an orphan, she grew up being smarter and faster than many but her outer countenance led others to judge her unfairly. She was a sucker for puzzles and would take them apart at any opportunity to see how they worked. Later in life this would benefit her, as she would have to use this skill to survive.

Gujarek drew the Twin for her Harrow deck – whole reading could be opposite
“I seek equality for all individuals and our group”

Past – Trumpet – represents a declaration of power and force (motivating me to seek fairness for all?)

Present – The Betrayal – once I stray from seeking fairness all will be betrayed

Future – The Theater and The Peacock – true prophesy making this reading TRUE, but the Peacock is a warning, admonishing me to always take action and not be static in my decisions


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