The Purple Wizards

Upstairs at the Harrowstone

Violet and the Father Charlatan Backpack

23rd of Calistril (day 6)

In Town
Nothing happened at the statue during the night.

In the morning Tourmaline buys the equipment for a rope ladder from the general store and takes it to Jorfa to learn secret Dwarf knots. After Gujarek saves her from the ropes (which Tourmaline says “clearly became possessed and attacked me!”). Gujarek puts together a sweet ladder with grappling hook anchors.

We buy some pharasma symbols at the temple, and head off to The Harrowstone.

The Harrowstone
We decide to enter floor 2 of the harrowstone by way of the balcony. On the balcony there is a executioners block and we get attacked by a giant bony ghost scythe. We are able to vanquish the scythe through a (mostly ineffective) mid-combat exorcism and Violet’s more traditional (and much more effective) sword magics.

Gujarek adeptly opens the door to the second floor of The Harrowstone and we file in. There are tons of skeletons, which break free from their prison cells and attack us. Tourmaline gets caught up listening to some crazy Jazz flute music and does not help much with the fight. Orchid channels lots of pos, which happens to destroy both the skellys and The Jazz Fluter of Illlsmarsh. Vesorianna’s ghost comes out of the floor and binds the spirit of The Piper.

We then go through a door to an extra large cell and see the body of Father Charlatan wrapped in chains covered in holy symbols and weights. Orchid, with a well timed detect undead, notices that Violet is now wearing a Father Charlatan backpack. We use a lot of holy water and all of Orchid’s spells and eventually we weaken enough that Vesorianna can capture him.

We check out the rest of the rooms in the 2nd floor, except the squeaky Kitchen (our party has no interest in rats) we find nothing of interest but we do get to test out the rope ladder when Tourmaline collapses a small balcony, the ladder works great!

It has not been that long, but we are out of spells so we head back to town for the day. We also plan to pick up the prisoners item boxes while we are there.



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