The Purple Wizards

The Unfurled Scroll

Violet and Kendra headed towards The Unfurled Scroll, a school for affluent children that teaches math, writing, history, as well as beginning arcane theory. It also serves the magical needs for the town: scrolls, wands, and the occasion cantrip for hire. The school is headmastered by Alendru Ghoroven a retired adventurer turned teacher.

They find him outside school in the north of town despite the misty overcast weather. He is adjusting the posture of a boy in what appears to be a somatics lesson. All of a sudden a pitchfork in the grass spins through the air and sticks into the side of the schoolhouse.

“That is why we practice outside, Riari,” says the wizard patiently. He dismisses the boy when he notices the two women approaching up the road. “What can I do for you misses. Need a lesson or perhaps a magic item for your adventures in the prison,” he says looking at Violet.

“I see you know of my friend Violet,” responds Kendra.

“One learns many things from beyond the veil…” he says, “also, I drink at the Laughing Demon to hear the latest gossip.”

“We are actually here wondering if you could tell us about these books,” says Kendra. Violet hands him the books."

They follow him inside of a well maintained building. The inside is divided into a classroom, a library, an research area, and a makeshift storefront around a display case. He spreads the books out on his desk. He tries to open the purple book, can not, and says. “I do not recognize this one however these three…” He continues explaining the nature Lorrimor’s Books, but unfortunately he has nothing new to add to what Kendra already knew.

He continues, “If you are interested in adding to your collection on necromancy, I recently… stumbled across this volume.” He walks to the front a pulls a book out of the display case and pulls out a book whose cover resembles dead flesh and hands it to Violet. The contents are indecipherable until Kendra waves a hand over the pages and the letters reform in Varisian. Immediately the book’s abhorrent contents become clear. It is a manual explaining how to create a flesh golem. It seems to be in excellent condition except for a small university crest stamped inside the front cover accompanied by the initials “M.C.” (flesh golem manual 7600gp)



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