The Purple Wizards

The Town Hall Archives Part II

Orchid continues her investigation trying to locate the final resting place of Vesorianna. She doesn’t find the exact layout of the prison but finds enough references to the layout to piece together a general picture.


The dungeon of the prison was the entire subterranean layer and is were most prisoners (including the most dangerous) were housed. It was connected to the upper levels by a stair case that was destroyed by Lyvar Hawkran in the Harrowstone Prison fire. It was also connected by a mechanical lift to move larger items in and out of the main prison area.

Second Floor

The second floor was also largely cells. Less dangerous prisoners and prisoners awaiting execution were often held here because executions were also carried out on this floor.

First Floor

The first floor contained offices as well as the rooms necessary to run the prison. It contained an infirmary, meeting room, and property room among others.



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