The Purple Wizards

Puns and Guts

Taking on the bad guys

24th of Calistril (Day 7)

We have recovered in town and leveled up. Now it is time to replenish and take out the rest of the bad guys.
But before that, we have to finish leveling up, which means … HARROW CARDS!!
Orchid gets the Idiot
Viloet gets the SnakeBite!
Tourmaline gets The Rabbit Prince
Gujarek pulls the The Betrayal – NE – allows channel Negative Energy(once) or the Crown Power(reroll any d20 roll – once)

Violet gets a note from Benjan that a messenger is awaiting her at the jail. She and Gujarek go to see what it is about. Galadhair is there and a has a package and note for her. She brings it back to Kendra’s and opens it to discover a scimitar. It was her mom’s. It has a lot of purple in it.

The pun competition is at noon.
Tourmaline – at 4th 10gp (Rogue kits are a steal!)
Gujarek – at 3rd 50gp (Auld Spyce grooming kit)
Orchid – at 2nd 200gp (This is the winter of our DISCOUNT TENTS)
Violet – at 1st , 500gp and a Harrowcard: The Twin (Don’t get blazing mad trying to light that fire – our flint and steel will help you keep your cool)

Violet gets super drunk in celebration of winning, she is drunk enough that she starts talking to her new scimitar.

25th of Calistril (Day 8)

We sleep off the celebration of the pun contest. Then we hear that the statue has been defiled again. We find a big “S” on the statue’s back this time. Violet is pleased to see that she is not the target. We find some tracks around the statue and follow them back towards town. We follow them to a yard. We know this is the yard of … Gibs Venice! The tracks seem to end here, we tell Benjan and says he will send some deputies to check it out.

We then head back to the prison to check out the basement. We go in the front and head to the hole down to the lower level. We use the rope ladder but still manage to fall some. Ugh.
We get down and are suddenly attacked! A group of slimy oozy creepers try to get the best of us. We resist.

As we proceed to the next room we see many skeletons lying about in prisoner garb. A choked staircase leads up through the center of the room. We go into the room and … we totally forgot to get Gujarek a mace! Maybe she can grab a truncheon from one of the skeletons! We barely fight off the skeletons. We look around to find a sign calling the area to the north The Oubliette, to the south The Nevermore, and to the west The Reaper’s Hold. And Hell’s Basement in the east (where we came in). We wait long enough for Tourmaline to gain her wits then we hold tight.

In the main chamber we head south into Ne’ermore, and we cannot open the portcullis. Gujarek takes a drawing of the mechanism and will take it to Jorfra to see if she can help.
We then head over to Reaper’s Hold and find a long hallway to another room. A room of many many cells! In a room to the south, a table holds some skulls and a body. Possibly the Marauder is here. There are undead all around us. We then see the ghostly Marauder and his ghost wife. Four skulls fly off the table, light on fire, and attack us. The Loppers hammer is highly effective against the skulls (+2). We manage to destroy all the skulls and Vesorianna grabs him and takes him away. We find some booty in the room!

We take the loot back to town, sell some back to the town council (for 1185gp).

Violet picks up her scabbard at Jorfa’s. Jorfa says she can make a winch the open the pork-ulis and that we can use the magic rope to redo the rope mechanism.

Alendru says he can magify the hammer for Jorfa for 1200gp, or for free if we organize a chance for him to study Norgorber’s Blade of Venom, which is held in the vault at the church by Father Grimburrow. Orchid isn’t into that since the Blade of Venom is super dangerous, which is why it is locked in the vault.

We check out the Silk Purse, and find out they have 3000gp to spend on any items we want to sell. They also have a ring of featherfall and a bunch of other junk.

We head back to Kendra’s to rest up and drink bone tea.

26 Calistril (Day 9)

We go into Reaper’s Hold downstairs at the Harrowstone. In the back corner is the torture room. We find a skeleton on a torture table that has had its arms cut off. We are immediately attacked by his disembodied hands. We fight through the hands and Tourmaline gets sucked into an Iron Maiden, we free her and disrupt the haunt.
Orchid begins working to set the body to rest. As she is doing that, she finds a set of keys and a badge that says Hockren. We will take that back to Vesorianna. Violet wants to take the bones out to be buried. Then, Violet finds a secret door to the area behind the portcullis that we could not get into. We decide to go that way.

As soon as we go in, Gujarek and Tourmaline begin seeing the letters of their names show up in blood on the floor and wall. They begin to freak out. Orchid sees a skeleton in a hole in the middle of the room. She jumps down the hole to take on the (assumed) Splatterman skeleton. Tourmaline and Gujarek begin to destroy the phantom blood letters that are appearing and wreck up the room as well. Once the letters are destroyed, the Splatterman appears and we attack. Tourmaline uses the axe we found in the Loppers belongings box, and it gets stuck to her hand. It is gross and covered in unremovable blood, it is cursed (so unexpected!) After everyone deals some damage to the Splatterman and his rat companions, Gujarek uses an Undead Bane arrow and takes him out!

We find some things in the pit. We head back to the main entrance and bring the warden’s body with us…

We head up to the Oubliette, to the last baddy. The Lopper! We see the lopper lop Gurtis the assistant warden’s head, we capture Gurtis in a ghost siphon.
Gujarek crits on the Lopper and uses the Crown Power (from The Betrayal) to confirm. Hits him hard!
Gujarek grabs Violet’s Undead Bane, and though it costs her some bleed, she hits The Lopper even harder!
Violet pulls her spell back and hits him again! He goes down! Vesorianna takes him.
Lopper’s cell in the oubliette has some stuff in it. It also has Gerdis’s Keys.

Feeling that the prison is now safer, we plan to deliver Warden Hawkrens body to Vesorianna and assist her in binding the prisoners forever. We also plan to split up the treasure found so far, and of course to drink some more tea with Kendra.



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