The Purple Wizards

Notes from 8 Mar 2015 - Gujarek

Chppy Ntes

Haunt research with Grimburrow and Kendra. They shed some light on research and removal but since each haunt is different, you have to learn about each one. With that we get some supplies together and we decide to head back to the Harrowstone. We look for the gargoyle that crushed Lorrimor. We find 4 that are interesting and we look further into them…

We set up in the front foyer of Harrowstone and as we get the Spirit baoard going. The tricksters in the front hall are no help. Tourmaline dispels them with some holy water.

My cards from the deck were the Cyclone and the Owl
Cyclone adds plus 4 to a roll after the fact – used to open the steel door
Owl adds

Behind the steel door we find a lot of antiques. Mementos and a secret door.
Behind the secret door we find a masterwork … thieve’s tools , a bronze war medallion, a war razor, a punching dagger, and some small chests like lockboxes.
The chests have various things in them. We decide the items should be taken back to the temple. We talk to Father Grimburrow and he puts the items in the temple storage.
We talk to Jorfa and Aludren about the hammer to try and help smooth over their old differences. Not sure it went well.
Then we head back to the prison and start exploring more.
One of the rooms we open has a bunch of branding irons. We think they may have been used on the prisoners. For sure. Orchid dispels them with some positive energy and we move on.
We find the room where Visiorianna died and we talk with her spirit. After a misunderstanding, she charges us with a quest. Confront the five evil prisoners and defeat them, bring me a token of my husbands possession. His Spell book.

We soldier on and find another haunt. A strait jacket nearly kills us all! We manage to defeat it but it was tough.

Deeper in to the prison we come across more haunts. We fight off some spiders and find some holy water and then we find the stairs up and down further into the prison.

(after the fights and the heals, Gujarek is at 14 HP)



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