The Purple Wizards

Jorfa's Enmity

Tourmaline decided that neither the shield nor the rapier would match her rugged fighting style, so she inquires, “These are beautiful. I was looking for such a high quality item, except I was looking more for a battle axe… double axe… hand axe… wood-cutter’s axe … really anything in the axe family.”

“I would love to help, but I haven’t been able to make enchanted items in almost a decade. What you see here is all that remains of my magic stock.”

“Why did you stop?” asks Tourmaline genuinely curious.

“Well, I used to work with that stuck up old wizard ”/wikis/Alendru%20Ghoroven/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”> Alendru, but I haven’t ever since he pissed me off."

“What happened?”

“We were working on a sword that was to be my masterpiece and he got a little overzealous. He was trying to funnel to much magic into the metal and he lost control. When I struck the blade with my hammer it absorbed the overflowing energy and exploded! I got a cut on my face here.” Jorfa points to a small scar on her brow. “But more importantly, I lost my favorite hammer, Magnus. Magnus was beyond powerful, but also practiced control in all things. He was a perfect beautiful mallet.”

As Jorfa trailed off, Tourmaline grew a little uncomfortable. She knew that Dwarves were famous for their stubborn grudges, but a decade over a broken hammer seemed a bit ridiculous. She also knew she’d have to get the two working together again if she wanted an axe made.


Maybe we can see if Alendru is amenable to bridging the gap with Jofra. It would be good to have them working together again…

Jorfa's Enmity

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