The Purple Wizards

Dreams of a spelling bee...

Little girls are creepy!

21st of Calistril – Day 4 of our month in town

Tourmaline heads to the general store for a crowbar. The generic family running the generic general store are polite. One item of note is a full set of plate armor handed down through the generations of the generic family tree.

At the Pharasma Temple, Tourmaline finds that holy water costs 25 gp and weighs half as much as regular water. In addition, the church is very willing to take donations on their stock of potions (CLW, Restoration). They also have a wand of Cure Moderate Wounds – for the low donation price of 1,625 gp). The displayed morning star that also has a built-in container for holy water gets Tourmaline’s mind racin’ with possibilities.

Tourmaline thinks that Jorfa may be able to make a weapon (mace) that also sprinkles holy water — now if she can just figure out how to do that with some axe-style weapon!!!

At Kendra’s, we also find that we can create holy water ourselves but the cost is steep.

Violet and Kendra go to the statue and do rubbings of all the names engraved upon it. As they are walking back to the house in the evening, they see a group of young local girls (who Kendra knows) jumping rope. They are singing a chant that pertains to all of the prisoners from Harrowstone.

[Nick, can we get a copy of the chant?]

That night, Violet is drawn into a waking dream. She wakes in a pile of straw in one of the prison’s rooms. Outside the barred window she can see Ravengro in the distance. Blood appears on the wall of the cell in the shape of a ‘V’. After an ‘I’ appears, Violet attempts to channel positive energy, which results in a ghastly cackle and the letters ‘O’, ‘L’, and ‘E’. Before a ‘T’ appears and finalizes her name, she actually awakens in her bedroom at Kendra’s house late the following morning…



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